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The Nike Air Presto is definitely having a moment right now, with every new colourway basically selling out in minutes. So you can only imagine how thirsty ‘heads are going to be over unused, vintage specimens of the silhouette. And this is the dream pick-up for any sneaker fanatic / bargain hunter / vintage enthusiast.

In a post uploaded to Instagram, user @kckrox , unveiled his epic haul of original Nike Prestos from a recent visit to some random sports goods store. Apparently, a heap of these beauties were just chilling on the bargain table, which is basically the perfect scenario for any reseller (or hoarder) and, according to Prestology, dude made off with 40 pairs for a ridiculously low price.

Expectedly, people are tripping over themselves wanting to nab a pair from him, with bids being accepted via email before final sale on Friday. One thing’s for sure, this dude is about to make bank. Want to try your luck with these? Check his Insta for purchase details.

Weekly updates