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Mark McNairy takes The Coveteur through his LA home

Piece of advice: “Silence is golden”

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New York-based menswear designer extraordinaire Mark McNairy has graced style title The Coveteur with an inside look at his equally stylish Los Angeles home. Much like other pieces in The Coveteur’s series, McNairy is profiled through photographs capturing his envy-inducing Converse collection, a McNasty-printed pillow, and little knick-knacks including a statue of a monkey wearing glasses and playing the guitar (don’t act surprised, it’s McNairy after all). Don’t take my word for it, have a look at some of the awesome pics taken by photographer Renée Rodenkirchen in the gallery above.

And if you’re still vibing off McNairy’s style, why not revisit on of our past conversations with the sartorial lord here. It is Throwback Thursday, after all.

  • Words: Monique Buccheri

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