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Weekly updates

Originally focused on streetwear culture in the Southern states of the US, H1GHER LEARNING now documents global street style, bringing together enthusiasts from all over the world to discuss and share their thoughts on products, designers, events and music.

We welcome streetwear aficionado and H1GHER LEARNING founder, KJ Kearney, to the ACCLAIMmag.com network…

My name is… KJ

By day I… toil for the man

By night I… document streetwear culture, nerd out over packaging design, and count the days until the start of College Football season.

But I’m probably best known for… my website H1GHER LEARNING.

My favourite TV show is… tough to pick one…but I’d have to go with Regular Show right now.

The last movie I watched was… Fantastic Mr Fox. I have it on DVD.

And I thought it was…. as awesome as the first time I saw it.

The first CD I ever bought was… With my own money? Master P’s, Ghetto Dope, is one of my first memories of purchasing a CD.

The last was… I’m assuming downloading mixtapes doesn’t count so let go with a RE-purchase of Pink Floyd’s, Dark Side of the Moon.

I’m addicted to… a bowl of Shrimp and Grits AND unfrosted strawberry Pop-Tarts (y’all have that in Australia?)

Last weekend I… went to my first REAL Cinco De Mayo party.

The last thing I ate was… leftover spaghetti.

My fave youtube vid is… Terry Tate Office Linebacker

My computer’s wallpaper is… a picture of me, Matt Halfhill, Larry Luk, and Marcus Troy after our panel discussion at Style X (at SxSW).

What ACCLAIMmag.com readers can expect from me is… unadulterated streetwear content and ignorant Southern hip-hop music.

If I achieve one thing in 2012 I want it to be… flown to Australia to spread the gospel of streetwear goodness.