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Three years ago, MF DOOM and Akomplice Clothing collaborated on a mystery box that turned out to be like the remnants of a villainous street pirate’s swag. Requiring a crowbar to open, the engraved wooden books was filled with various DOOM X Akomplice goodies amongst gems and stones. To cap the whole thing off, it came with a DOOM pocket watch to polish off fans’ sinister fits.

Well, Metal Fingers and Akomplice have bumped heads again and this time, they’re thinking of something bigger than a nautical goody bag. While this collaboration is also shrouded in mystery, it appears to carry an interstellar theme. The bag costs $50USD and looks like something that astronauts would use to package food. Its contents, unsurprisingly, are still a complete mystery but given how satisfied people were with the collab in 2012, this one’s bound to also be a pleaser. If you want to get your mitts on it now, you’ll have to wait for a tiny bit longer. There’s roughly twelve hours left on the countdown but once it hits zero, you can pick up DOOM’s space stash here.

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