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Weekly updates

Mike Germon, an Atlanta, Georgia-based artist, just released a new line of t-shirts based on his original art.

Just to give you some background on Mike: He is an actively exhibiting visual artist who typically works in collage and installation that reference science, religion, nature, and any other number of visual elements pulled from the rambling miscellanea of his interests. Mike has two solo exhibitions this year, is participating in several group shows, runs a gallery for emerging artists in Atlanta, takes on a number of very cool design projects, and is actively involved in several community-focused arts organizations.

This new collection is a follow-up to last year’s Accelerated Expansion: Iteration 1, and it marks Mike’s continued exploration into finding and re-using visual elements from different sources. Visit his website to see more of his interesting art and while you’re there, you can check out his online store which, in addition to the new AEI2 line, he has a couple dope (and super reasonably priced) posters for sale as well.