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Weekly updates

Some brands just seem to “get it”. They know what to release, when to release it, how to market their products, how to take great pictures–you name it, they understand the methods behind the madness of running a respected brand. Well, in my humble opinion Ann Arbor, Michigan based boutique Motivation is one of those brands.

Case in point: their “Endless Summer” headwear quickstrike. Available tomorrow, these hats will allow you the opportunity to remember your fond Summertime memories every time you put these on, even as the Fall swiftly approaches. The pack features caps made from various animal print and floral print fabrics (which were sourced directly from Hawaii BTW) and it consists of four snapback hats as well as two 5-panel camp hats.

The “Endless Summer” Quickstrike will be available in limited quantities starting Friday, August 17th at Motivation and select authorized retailers worldwide.