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Every sneakerhead knows how difficult it can be to attain rarities during product launches. With websites crashes and the inability to retain what’s in your your cart for longer than 30 seconds all too common, the life of a brand fan can be a hard one. And by the time you look to resellers or eBay, you know you’re paying a premium + shipping for those must cops that all too often don’t arrive to you as described online.

Fortunately, your first world problems have been heard and one app developer has decided to simplify the buying and selling process. Slang simply allows the user to shoot the product they are selling, enter relevant product information, set a price and share it to the public. The integration of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram makes the product more accessible and keeps people in the know. The swipe to purchase option further simplifies the process and the app even provide’s you instant tracking info.

You can download the Slang application via the App Store now for free.

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