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Last year saw German brand, ACRONYM collaborate with NikeLab to create the Air Presto Mid. The campaign, in the style of both brands, was super exclusive. The launch was shrouded in mystery with a small drop in Berlin to tease the rest of the world.

The dynamic duo are back with another collaboration but this one isn’t a shoe. Well, it’s not really a shoe. It is the ACRONYM x NikeLab Presto Mid Incense Chamber.

Crafted by Yeenjoy Studio with traditional Chinese craftsmanship, this blue and white ceramic burner is the Presto silhouette featuring incredible detail. Some would call the idea brilliant, and love that they finally have a shoe that doesn’t smell awful. Others may find the price tag offensive, and not want to spend so much on a glorified stick holder, since these babies will set you back a not-so-modest $1069 AUD.

If you are a fan of the concept, and have the dollar bills, the Presto Incense chamber can be purchased from END.

Weekly updates