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Weekly updates

Instagram is a flutter this afternoon over the possibility of French high-end lifestyle brand, A.P.C opening a store in Australia.

Incu Store, a current stockist of the brand locally, posted a photo (see below) of what appears to be A.P.C’s Harajuku store with the caption “A.P.C coming to Australia 2014!” Given they already stock the brand, one can assume perhaps they are referring to the store itself opening a brick and mortar out here which to anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting the brand OS, is very welcome news.

By the amount of tonkatsu goodness on their feed it’s obvious the retailer is currently in Tokyo but are they brokering a deal to bring the store to our shores? Who knows. Given the interest in the region from international retailers of late and Australia’s hunger for luxury brands via online stores, it doesn’t seem totally out of the realm of possibility. Shhh…. If you listen closely right now you can hear the collective sigh of countless Melbourne girls bemoaning that commoners that don’t venture overseas now have access to A.P.C’s fine linen and cottons.

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