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Photoessay: No Sleep 24/7

Examining the lives of everyday people in the era of 24 hour cities

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The 9–5 job is no more. Shopping isn’t defined by store hours. Restaurants are serving food until 2am. There’s no set agenda in our modern cities. Flexible working hours, digital disruption, increased trading hours, and other modern catalysts mean we’re living our lives by our own rules.

With this in mind we commissioned photographer Sam Wong to create a photo essay examining the people that are at the forefront of this new economy. Shot over 24 hours the series sees Sam trail five characters working through different hours of the day. There’s the MMA fighter training early, the bike messenger hustling through the city traffic, the street dancer making the most of the afternoon light, the artist working late nights in her studio, and the uber driver conquering the city in the dead of night.

Sam’s a Hong Kong born Melbourne based photographer specialising in fashion, portraiture, and documentary. He’s an ardent truth teller, obsessed with capturing the unfetted side of life on a daily basis. With a strong interest in fashion, music, and popular culture Sam has developed an upbeat style exploring distinctive characteristics between various underground subcultures.

This series was created in partnership with New Balance Australia to celebrate the launch of the 247 Classic, available now.

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