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It’s clear that most people love pizza, but it’s uncertain if people actually like sporting pizza-related clothes. Well, Pizza Hut have decided that they do and are releasing a line of clothing called ‘Hut Swag’. I was hoping that this was a clever PR stunt that turns ‘Hut Swag’ into a viral meme, but it isn’t, there’s an online store. The ‘Hut Swag’ line has a range of different t-shirts, snapbacks, longboards and, for all you trendy kids, 5-panels (please note the sarcasm).

It should be noted that proceeds from the sale of Pizza Hut merch goes to charities, which isn’t bad. It should also be noted that the company doesn’t allow its employees to wear the Swag while at work, which is a bummer. So if you’re pizza-obsessed or a messy pizza eater, then these items could be for you. Head here to check out the full range.

Weekly updates