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In another case of high-end designer brands charging extortionate prices for simple garms, French label Saint Laurent has just dropped the pieces for its upcoming SS16 collection, which includes a version of the joke-tee stalwart – the tuxedo tee.

The design looks to be pretty similar to the ones you can pick up on for a tenner at touristy market stalls, clothing clearance centres, and on this amazing website dedicated entirely to the tuxedo tee in all its carnations. Who knew there was such a huge demand? Maybe there’s some aspect of the fabric or craftsmanship that is nudging up the price on this item, but then again maybe Saint Laurent just knows there will be people out there crazy enough to pay through the nose for a little slice of the authentic designer goods pie.

The ritzy incarnation of the popular joke tee will set you back a whopping USD$450, but if you’ve got a spare few hundred lying around and want to recreate the ‘edgy/IDGAF outcast at prom’ look, then look no further.

  • Words: Juliet Mentor

Weekly updates