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Denim has a storied history among the Japanese, with particularly significant ties to the country’s working class. Relying on dedication and supreme craftsmanship, considerable prestige has long been placed upon the materials, machinery and techniques used by the Japanese in the process of their craft, but proportionately less attention has been owed to the unique people and ideas behind the country’s history and talents with the art of denim.

Utilising interactions with the world-renowned experts of vintage denim ‘Osaka 5’ (to whom many attribute the revival of Japanese denim), as well as the individuals behind the ideas and process responsible for making Japanese denim the arguable benchmark for superior denim quality, documentary Weaving Shibusa gives unprecedented access to the continued mystery, and alluring history, of the Japanese denim industry.

Further, however, the film looks to turn its attention to discovering the answer to the question of what lies in store for the garments in the future, given their extensive history in the past.

Premiering August 6 at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, through the help of famed denim house Self Edge, unveil a two minute glimpse at the documentary setting out to reveal the mysticism behind the world’s favourite pairs of jeans below.

  • Words: James Schofield

Weekly updates