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Founded by an English ex-pat living in Amsterdam, Jason Denham, Denham – as the name hints – is a denim brand, only recently making its presence felt in Australia.

Exclusive to Glue stores, Denham offers several cuts and tiers ranging from your entry-level skinny jeans for kids that don’t fiend for top quality denim through to a top-tier offering of aged Japanese selvedge.

It’s great to see Glue taking a more proactive step in terms of its denim program, a step that includes specialty denim training for floor staff and more offerings in the top tier of the denim spectrum.

At present, Denham have a pop-up space next to the soon-to-open Superglue store in Melbourne’s Emporium. The Denham pop-up offers custom tailoring for Denham customers to ensure you walk away well and truly fitted out. Denham’s ambassador Nick Hughes will be able to talk you through the full back-story of the brand and help you to select the cut most suited for your personal style.

At top of the range is the five-pocket Drill Jeans made from Yama Japan Denim, manufactured in Japan from 12 oz selvedge which will cost you around $380 but impress any denim-head looking you up and down. There are also some tidy multi-dip selvedge offerings in their Five-Year Anniversary range. Best bet is to visit the pop-up and get the full overview.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming Emporium Superglue store’s Atelier section, which will offer a full range of denim alterations and repairs.