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Style Profile: Myles Kalus

The Sydney street style photographer tells us which fits stand out most to him

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Everyone’s definition of style is different and while we should all ultimately trust our own instincts when it comes down to putting together a good fit, there’s no harm in getting a little guidance from people in the know. We sit down with individuals that have built a name for themselves in various areas of the fashion industry in Australia and abroad to gain their personal perspectives on fashion and how they approach their own outfits.

Myles Kalus is the photographer and operator of the street style Australia Instagram and website. Photographing individuals on the streets of Sydney, including events and streetwear-related releases, he has a unique perspective on fashion and street style. Preferring a more muted high-fashion take on style, Kalus’s opinions on streetwear may be a little alternative to what you’re used hearing. We got him to step in front of the camera for once and got an insight into what stands out to him in an endless stream of style snaps.

Stay up with Myles’s lenswork online and via Instagram.

  • Interview / Images: Cameron Oates

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