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Subtype and Butter collab on apparel range

For the love of fried chicken and boning with socks on

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The team from Sydney’s A1 sneaker gallery Subtype have linked up with the good people at Butter over their mutual love of fried chicken, fresh kicks, and hip-hop. The result of this merry union is a limited edition tee and sock capsule, as well as a new fried chicken menu. Inspired by the tagline ‘not for general consumption,’ this is a celebration of going against the grain.

Subtype is the limited sneaker boutique that, among other things, redefines visual merchandising. With suspended clothes racks and walls decked with the freshest kicks, the store is something of a sneakerhead haven. With an online store to match, Subtype lead by example with their exclusive product and a taste for innovation. It makes sense then, that they’re down with Butter. Forward thinking is synonymous with Butter, as they combine a deluxe fried chicken restaurant and champagne bar with the prime sneakers and beats.

It should come as no surprise that the launch of their collaborative line is looking huge. We’re talking a warehouse party with complimentary Belvedere and Hennessy based slushies, and a fair amount of Moët and Corona bottles to be popped. Oh, and you can cop a taste of the new Fried Chicken menu the team have devised on the night.

Sounds pretty good, right? And in terms of the sound itself, SETTINGS˚ will be looking after the music and ambience. Suss the gallery above for a look at the range, and find more details on the launch and it’s exclusive offers here.

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