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Weekly updates

Last week the newest piece of arsenal in Australia’s ever growing stable of high-end high-street  retailers was launched at Melbourne’s High Point centre. Super Glue store is the brainchild of the team behind the well known Glue Store chain and in a case of something doing exactly what it says on the can, the store is certainly a super-charged, evolved version of the Glue Store we all know. Why, it really is a SUPER Glue Store.

Obviously well aware of the challenges attached to brick and mortar retail in today’s market, the store really does appear to be making a conscious and genuine effort to become a ‘destination retailer’, rather than just a harbourer of fast fashion and dimwitted sales staff who would rather be anywhere than work (ie. Most high street chains theses days). Dominating 1000square metres of the Highpoint centre, as well as a huge accessories and apparel offering for both men and women, the store boasts a coffee bar (and the coffee was actually good), a music station, a magazine newsstand (which ACCLAIM’s next issue will be stocked at thank you very much) and its own inbuilt tailored atelier, so the store is able to offer a custom jean tailoring service. I understand different brands will rotate through this space, the current offering is G-Star denim, featuring a tailor from their Amsterdam HQ. The service ensures customers get the perfect size, can choose their own detailing and have the length fitted to their body.

But at the end of the day, a retail store is only as good as its brand offering. And while Super Glue Store’s collection of brands obviously has the everyday Aussie male punter in mind (it is in a mall afterall), the range for the fellas was well curated and well presented. Think a mix of Carhartt, Fred Perry, The Academy Brand, OBEY, Denham, Scotch & Soda, Nike, Vans, New Balance and many more.

The result? An impressive space with brands you’ll actually want to purchase from that rivals any mainstream offering in the CBD. Suddenly tagging along with the girl to the mall doesn’t look so painful anymore.