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I’m a sucker for Australiana – there’s nothing quite like the call of the outback, and the promise of untamed wilderness to inspire the imagination of a generation of grown men who’ve never ventured further out of the city than Williamstown. So you can understand why I was so excited to hear that iconic Australian skate label Globe have teamed up with the even-more-iconic-but-in-a-different-way (iconicier?) Drizabone for a follow up to their successful collab last year.

The range of jackets sees the signature Drizabone oilskin cotton re-worked into a practical urban jacket – available in kelly green, marine, and black. ¬†Which means that you can pretend that you’re either Burke or Wills about to conquer the unknown every time you wake up hungover and need to duck down the street and find an all-day breakfast joint that does a decent soy latte.

The range retails at $249.99 and is available as of right now.