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Weekly updates

Conscientious and independent label owner Ivan Jimenez, flew to Japan with his girl earlier this year to source some first-hand inspiration. The result: a personal and very limited collection of Skulls hats made from four unique fabrics.

“Japan always excites me and inspires me, it’s a culture that pushes me to do more things, and be creative. Each of the hats represent different states I have been through and that represent me: the anger of the demons, the peace of the flying dragons, the relaxedness of the kimono and the funny moments that smiling cats can bring. A very special collection for me.”

Much akin to the culture it was inspired by, this snappy range of headwear (while still geared to spin a few melons) sits back humbly compared to some of Skulls’ usual drops of cranial flavour. These unique fabrics offer a smooth textural aesthetic and were designed using only the finest Japanese materials. The hats were then made in the USA.

Available exclusively in the webstore from TOMORROW, the 1st of November, each of these hats are strictly limited to 40 pieces.