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The Metropolitan Museum of Art announced the theme for its 2017 Costume Institute exhibition and gala and guess what, it’s hella fire. The theme is Comme des Garçon designer and founder, Rei Kawakubo.

The iconic Japanese fashion designer is arguably one of the most influential and innovative designers to bless us in the recent past and present. Kawakubo is the second living designer to be honoured by being chosen as the Met Gala’s theme, the first being Yves Saint Laurent back in 1983.

Around 120 Comme des Garçons women’s pieces, designed by the great Kawakubo will be featured at the exhibit, arranged in contrasting themes (male/female, past/present, East/West), a deliberate homage to the designer’s slight obsession with “in-betweenness”. The featured designs date all the way back to Kawakubo’s debut runway collection in 1981. And if this doesn’t sound lit enough, the designs will be positioned at eye level without physical barriers between piece and viewer so you can really get up amongst Kawakubo’s anti-fashion.

The Met Gala means we have a reason to be less sad about summer ending with co-chairs Pharrell Williams, Anna Wintour, and Katy Perry bringing us all the glory of the Costume Institute Benefit on May 1 2017.

The 2016 Met Gala saw Beyoncé rocking it (as per usual) in nude latex and classic Kanye with double denim and blue contact lenses, with a theme like this, 2017 should see some celebs kill it.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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