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The @joebuddenfits page is blowing up on Instagram

With follows from Earl Sweatshirt and the drip king himself: Joe Budden.

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Joe Budden’s been clowned for his wardrobe choices his entire career. Now there’s an Instagram account dedicated to cataloguing his most contentious fits. @joebuddenfits launched on October 30th, and it’s already boasting over 20,000 followers—including Earl Sweatshirt, Joey Purp, and of course, Joe Budden himself.

Obviously, Budden’s made some wild outfit choices through the years, including denim vests, leather trench coats, cargo khaki sweats and incredibly (we mean incredibly) baggy jeans. Joe’s usually defensive when it comes to his personal drip, but he seems to find the @joebuddenfits roasts amusing, commenting “LMAO” and sometimes a simple “fuck ya’ll” under several posts. Take a look at one of our favourites below.

If you’re looking for a dose of laughs today, make sure to check out the page here.

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