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This season the Japanese souvenir jacket has taken over. Recently sported by Drake and Wiz, the silk bomber is typically decorated in Japanese embroidered koi fish, dragons, or blossoms. Known in Japan as the ‘Sukajan’ Jacket, it dates back to the Second World War, where it was made for US soldiers occupying Japan to take home as souvenirs. The mixture of the classic American, preppy varsity jacket and the Japanese emblems in a way symbolise the historic merging of Japan with Western culture. Later on they became popular amongst Japan’s “bad boys” and were donned by gang members in the ’60s.

Shibuya retailer Vanquish has now recreated the classic silk jacket. Designer Ryo Ishikawa has used the famous face of Hachikō—a heart-wrenching true story of a loyal dog—to be the champion of the label’s latest iteration. The story goes that even nine years after his owner’s death, Hachikō would still go to Shibuya train station everyday and wait for him.

Made from lightweight cotton silk, this jacket is conveniently reversible. The embroidered side can be turned inside out for a simple look, the dark blue transforming into a navy green, and the olive green into black, with both sides featuring pockets and ribbed cuffs. Overall, it makes for the perfect jacket for lovers of dogs and silk bombers alike.

Get a preview of the styles above and you can buy the jacket here.

  • Words: Eleanor Beardsell

Weekly updates