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We can thank modern Japanese culture for a lot of awesome weirdness – toilet-themed restaurants, karaoke for all occasions and some of the kookiest street-style on the planet. The latter has been explored further in photographer Thomas Card’s new book of images, Tokyo Adorned.

Upon visiting the island nation following that devastating tsunami, Card says he witnessed an “upsurge of national pride” via their outfit choices. “Participants in street fashion increasingly celebrated their unique placement  within the Japanese culture at large.”

Choosing 75 subjects from countless photo submissions, Card places the kawaii ladies in front of a white background to showcase the true oddity of their characters. I don’t know how, but these ladies somehow manage to make multi-coloured freckles, gas masks and duct tape skirts work for them. Check out some of the snaps in our gallery above.

Tokyo Adorned is available via Amazon, with part proceeds going to food bank charity Second Harvest Japan.