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Bad Luck Zizzy is a Melbourne skatewear collaborative inspired by the kids who skate the city. With an allover good vibe, they’re all about boards, beers and babes – whether you come from the streets or the surf. Though whoever you are, a BLZ tee will look just as good on you as it does on Dylan Rieder. I mean, he doesn’t yet have one but it’s only a matter of time, right?!

Their upcoming Winter 2014 range features prints by artists Kasper Raglus, Meat Sauce, Sean K Hughes and Callum Noonan. In promotion and excitement of the upcoming release, Bad Luck Zizzy got together with Eyesea Films to make some visuals featuring the Bad Luck Zizzy Skate Team, sometimes known as #daboiz.┬áIt’s fun, it’s raw and it features a house in Brunswick that you and Bey may recognise.

The collection drops online next Friday, June 27 but you can watch the video here today.