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Watch Kendrick get poetic for Reebok Classic

“Look how I dress, free, me...”

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Only Kendrick Lamar could make an advertisement about shoes seem deeply meaningful. He does just that in the latest Reebok Classic film. Shot by the endlessly aesthetic Nabil, the film alternates between Kendrick freestyling and talking about what ‘classic’ means to him.

Using vintage film equipment, Nabil has created a film with an air of nostalgia, matching perfectly with Kendrick’s reflective dialogue about his childhood. The sound of old cameras flashing is heard as K-dot says, “by the time I started writing when I was 13, I knew from the jump that I wanted something that was original, something that was classic”.

“My first introduction to a classic shoe was the moment I stepped in school and I said to myself ‘I want to put something down on paper’, I started writing and everybody in the classroom was wearing Reebok Classics… It was only right that I wore the Reebok Classics then, I still remain that classic guy and that’s the reason why I’m wearing the shoes now.”

Kendrick truly is a wordsmith. This candid film shows his unique personality and is certainly one of the most emotionally-charged shoe campaigns we’ve seen thus far.

Featuring music from ‘untitled 2 6-23-2014’, you can check out the full clip below.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

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