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In just a few short years Gosha Rubchinskiy has become one of the most coveted names in fashion. The label’s particular mix of post-Soviet and skate influences has seen Gosha become synonymous with the modern streetwear scene. The label’s t-shirts are easily the most sought after pieces. Covered in Russian text they’ve become somewhat modern icons, instantly recognisable and easily spotted on the street (in a similar realm to the Vetements raincoat).

For Russian speakers Gosha Rubchinskiy’s designs have always held a level of meaning that non-Russian speakers could never understand. It’s this reason that lead us to Daria Volokh of the Russian Language Centre in Melbourne to help us understand through translation. While Gosha pieces can never be separated from their Russian influences, the gallery above will give you a chance to see the world, just for a moment, through Russian eyes.

Weekly updates