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By now, you may have realised that Pokémon Go has tricked you into exercising, so it is only fitting that you have the perfect kicks to wear as you leave the warmth of your house in the hopes of catching that elusive Squirtle.

Luckily, Gene Lu and Duncan Hoge, UX designers at agency R/GA Portland have done the work for you and started PokeiD, a Tumblr that features Pokémon inspired Nikes, designed using the NikeiD platform. The site features designs based on the colour schemes of various Pokémon and links to NikeiD so you can get your very own.

We aren’t saying you gotta catch ‘em all but we definitely recommend trying to get your hands on a pair of these bad boys.

So will you choose Pikachu Air Max 90? Or do you think the Charmander Air Prestos are more fire? We’ve shortlisted some of our favourites above but you can check out the full range out here.

  • Words: Ella McNicol

Weekly updates