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If anyone was looking for a video tutorial on how to create stage energy, then look to Anderson .Paak’s SXSW performance.  All you need is a visible passion for your music, killer vocals, and a dope hat and glasses combo and you’re good to go.

The footage begins with a backstage shot of the Aftermath artist hyping up the crowd, and he makes his way on stage all too cooly as the natural performer turns the crowd up with ease. His stage presence is unmeasurable and combined with his band, The Free Nationals, the concert goes off from start to finish. The crowd is responsive to Paak’s infectious zest and the set list is well thought out in its cohesive flow.

The Californian rapper released his debut album in 2012, and long time fans and new listeners alike can appreciate the soul he brings to his work. Luckily, the good people at NPR Music have you covered, with each track performed filmed and edited perfectly in the set list on their site. Sit back and watch the whole thing, or let Paak be your background music. Either way, enjoy, because this kind of talent is made to be appreciated.

Check out the first track below, and peep the whole set list on NPR.

Weekly updates