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Lorde postpones Australian dates due to illness

We will later be royals

World-beating ‘Australian’ (like Russell Crowe, Phar Lap and pavlova) pop star Lorde has put her current Australian tour dates on …


Schadenfreezers are nihilistic jokes wrapped in an icypole wrapped in a GIF


Ad dudes Matt Moore and Jason Kreher from Wieden + Kennedy in Portland have put together this project, self-described as …


Watch: Nas performs Illmatic in full at Coachella

With a little help from Jay Z

Nas took the stage at media-saturated megafestival Coachella to take us through all of debut Illmatic, from the first “Straight …


Event: Melbourne – Natureboy x GMC Presents Compression Sessions Wrap Up Party, April 26

The rapper–producer pair celebrate reaching the conclusion of their smoked-out online collab series

Compression Sessions is the brainchild of producer Natureboy and rapper GMC from Melbourne. The online “hip-hop / chill / smoked-out” …


Is Chief Keef doing a track with Lady Gaga?

Now there's a sentence I didn't expect to type today

You know that moment when someone tells you that pineapple and soy sauce and actually really good together? And you’re …


Beyoncé is topless in Out magazine, talks liberation, equality

Destiny's Child gone wild

This month sees Beyoncé Knowles nab the cover story of Out magazine, in a profile on the mega-brand that is …