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Never (6)

Interview: Never

A glimpse inside the mind behind the maudlin owls of New York City

If you walk around New York for long enough you’re bound to bump into large crying owls, the hallmark of…

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R thumb

Interview: Replete

The UK-based street artist utilises derelict, industrial backdrops to make his subjects come to life

Replete is a 15-year veteran of the street art scene, based in Leeds, UK. His works often incorporate old school…

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Chief Canvas Character

Interview: Phibs

The truth behind Phibs is revealed as he discusses all things work, play and lies in the Australian graffiti scene

Phibs is a prolific and talented graffiti writer whose abstract characters, iconography and distinctive colour palette have made him one…


Interview: Dulk

The talented street artist talks about formal education, travel and the importance of seeing the world with childlike wonder

Every detail of Dulk’s characters is cool, from their big toothy mouths, to their twisted expressions. What I love most…

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Zina in progress (GSA photo)

Interview: Zina

The Norwegian street artist talks about her influences, and being associated with the Warrior Princess with the similar name

Linda Aslaksen, often known as Zina, is a young London-based street artist who has become well known for her blue-scale…

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