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RU - The Thin Line Between Influence and Biting2
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RU - Why Criminal Minded and Critical Beatdown are the both the greatest rap albums ever made2
RU - How Droog, Rast and two DJs from Nottingham brought NY back2
RU - Cam'(W)ron(g)?2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Cam’(W)ron(g)?

Robbie Unkut on how Killa Cam's personal contentment is wreaking havoc on his craft

What’s really good, Cam’ron? After providing the outstanding music that was ‘Instagram (Catfish)’ and ‘My Life’ for 2013’s surprisingly enjoyable …

RU - The Worst of Cheque Cashed Rap2
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RU - Rap Game Scooby Droog2
RU - G-Unit Is Still A Wash2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: G-Unit is still a wash

Robbie Unkut is not feeling sentimental

Everyone is yapping about the return of G-Unit, who you may remember as being some of the more talented weed …

RU - Did we expect too much from hip-hop?2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Did we expect too much from hip-hop?

Nobody's ever looked to the NBA to save the world, Robbie Unkut observes

Every couple of months or so, an article appears bemoaning the lack of “conscious” hip-hop, or declaring that “Hip-Hop