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RU - A Brief History Of Posse Cuts3

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: A brief history of posse cuts

Robbie Unkut on how 1994's 'Flava In Ya Ear' remix pretty much set the blueprint for the multi-rapper spectacle

The posse cut is a rare creature that, when executed correctly, can epitomise everything that is great about rap: dazzling …

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RU - Sorry M.O.P., I'm finally tapping out2
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Shit List2

The worst people associated with hip-hop

"Professional jerk" Robbie Unkut discusses the worst and the blurst in the game

There are a number of annoying personalities in the wacky world of hip-hop. Some of them, such as Russell Simmons, …

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RU - Who Are The Most Likeable Characters In Rap?2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Who are the most likeable characters in rap?

"Professional jerk" Robbie Unkut takes a look at rappers who are simply incapable of exhausting the public's goodwill

Recently I was congratulated for “hating on the most unhateable guy in rap,” after suggesting that rotund producer Statik Selektah …

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RU - Why Is Live Rap Such A Let Down?2
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RU - A Brief History of Porn Rap2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: A brief history of Porn Rap

Rap and adult entertainment have been bedfellows for some time now – Coolio's PornHub collab is just the latest stunt

Dirty Rapps [sic] have been an integral part of hip-hop since its humble beginnings. Big Bank Hank boasted about his …

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