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Kodak releases its first print magazine

Kodachrome makes a comeback

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In 1935 Kodak introduced Kodachrome, one of the first successful colour film products in photography and cinematography. Since the early ’90s, Kodak has been consistently trying and sometimes failing to adjust to the growing digital market. Often criticised for its slow adaptation and lack of innovation compared to competitors like Fujifilm and Nikon, Kodak fell behind and even filed for bankruptcy in 2012. Now, after decades of digital missteps Kodak has gone back to what it knows best and released its first physical magazine.

Kodachrome Magazine is a print journal celebrating “art, film and analogue culture”. The first issue includes features on actor/director Chloë Sevigny, artist and filmmaker Isaac Julien and cinematographer Max McSimov, all celebrating analogue film and photography. The magazine isn’t only about film, but also covers topics like sculpture, music, and writing. Earlier this year there were rumours of Kodak bringing back the discontinued Kodachrome and Ektachrome film stocks. Along with the new print magazine, it’s clear that Kodak is capitalising on what its CEO Jeff Clarke describes as the ‘analogue renaissance’ and the revival of analogue culture in creative industries. Kodachrome Magazine has been released as a limited edition run, which is currently only available for back order via Kodak.com.

  • Words: Ikumi Cooray

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