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Weekly updates

HELLO! We trust you’ve been enjoying the new site. Well, the giving of new shiny things doesn’t end here, we’ve also got a new issue hot off the press you guys to check out.

While you’ve probably heard little bits about it all over the damn web before we’ve uttered a word on it (like here, or here, or here) that’s because we wanted to save the breakdown of the new issue until a) you could actually buy it in Oz and b) we could launch here on our new awesome website! Why pop yer cherry in the back of a Ford Laser when you could wait a week and do it in Cadillac, right? So we’re happy to announce issue 26 will be available next week! (Might take a little longer for newsagents. Go hassle em, they love it!) The theme of this issue is DIY. The issue features a stack of individuals, collectives and brands that have created something from nothing, when others would have made excuses as to why they couldn’t.

Our main release cover features the LA-based Aussie expat, female rapstar Iggy Azalea. Iggy is a poster child for defying the odds and making shit happen on your own (moving from country Oz to the States at 16 and now somehow ending up signed to Interscope and being hyped internationally… um… pretty impressive). Our alternative release cover features another DIY master, artist/designer Dust La Rock. With no formal design education, this man has pretty much dictated contemporary music art direction as his role as art director and co-founder of Brooklyn’s Fool’s Gold Records. Both Iggy and Dust have extensive interviews in the issue that we know you’ll enjoy. To find out about all the other content in the issue, head on over to our current issue page.  And click through the slideshow above to see full sizes of each cover.

And holy shit! For the first time ever, you can actually buy the mag straight from US from our SHOP. AND it’s free shipping within Oz. Whoohoo.