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Exhibition: Meggs “Spoilt Rotten” collection at Innerstate Gallery

Melbourne's own Meggs shows off his fusion of street art and fine art to Detroit

Melbourne OG and founding member of Everfresh Crew, David ‘Meggs’ Hooke has infiltrated Detroit with his Spoilt Rotten exhibition …

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Exhibition: Melbourne – ‘The Swimsuit Issue’, new works by Ed Bats, September

The graffiti writer from South Africa and New Zealand shows off his collage work at Rooftop Art Space

Graffiti writer Ed Bats (aka EDITOR) got hooked when catching tags on his paper route in Capetown. He’s been making …

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Watch: This video portrait goes into the origin story of Fuzi UV TPK

"This all started with graffiti..."

It’s not really a secret that we’re fans of French graffiti-writer-turned-tattooist Fuzi UV TPK, so we were pretty hyped …

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Postcards: Lush In Europe

The prolific vandal takes to the road

Graffiti prankster Lush is currently on a European jaunt, travelling from country to country in a box truck that he’s …

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Premiere: Nic Gossage’s ‘Other Side’

An Exclusive look into the young photographer's latest title

If you’ve been paying attention to our Postcards series you’d know that our mate Nic Gossage, who also happens to …

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Interview: Levi Ramsey

Ironlak’s mastermind tells us how he created the company from scratch

How did a paint company out of suburban Australia become one of the international graffiti world’s most prominent brands? Well, …

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Postcards: Midas in America and Europe

The NotGuilty Magazine Editor shares some Golden Moments

Next up in our ‘Postcards’ series is none other than Editor of ‘NotGuilty’ Magazine, Midas. The Bristol native has a …

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Watch: Bombing with Lush

The Tags & Throws team are back, this time with an Aussie in tow

To say that Lush is a divisive figure in graffiti is an understatement. The guy revels in the contradictions, hypocrisies, …

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