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Watch: ’5 Pointz in 5 Minutes’

R.I.P 5Pointz!

5 Pointz, a 200,000 square foot industrial building in New York City was arguably, until its unexpected buff and …

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WA to pass law that will force convicted graffiti vandals to clean up damage, give up smartphones

Being a graffiti writer in Perth just keeps getting worse

The government of Western Australia has today pushed for harsh new laws against graffiti vandals with punishments now extending to …

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Interview: Merda

Long Live the King

If you’re a Melburnian, Merda is probably your favourite writer’s favourite write. Super influential in the formative years of Melbourne’s …

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See what FUZI UVTPK is publishing in ‘Flash Tattoo Collection N°2′

The book looks nuts

One of my biggest regrets in stunting-opportunities-missed is not getting a tattoo by FUZI UVTPK when he came to Melbourne. …

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Street artist plays games with local council

Trolling IRL

For some people graffiti is all about playing games with the authorities, but this person in England took it a …

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Watch: Kidult explains the motivation behind his art

Fuck your "favourite subversive artist"

Political graffiti artist KIDULT strikes again with the conclusive new video, Funeral Fanfare, to underline the direction of his …

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Could you lose your Australian citizenship for painting graffiti?

Spray now, pay later

There has been a lot of heated debate over proposed changes to the government’s Citizenship Act, with many critics warning …

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Event: Sydney – Scott Marsh – ‘Savoir Faire’, June 17

Classical paintings reinterpreted through graffiti techniques

Scott Marsh has managed to elevate himself from humble graff writer to working on commissions by the likes of Nike, …

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