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No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Can I kick it? No you can’t

Robbie predicts who might appear on ATCQ's re-release and how inevitably terrible it will be

For the 25th anniversary of A Tribe Called Quest’s breakthrough debut album, the awkwardly-titled People’s Instinctive Travels And The Paths

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No Country for Old (Rap) Men: The search for Fake Hip-Hop

Robbie polled Old Man Rap Twitter to find out whether fake hip-hop really exists

Few things can sour an otherwise amusing evening than having the DJ and/or rapper dude that is currently on stage …

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No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Too smooth, too soon

Robbie looks back at Big Daddy Kane's penchant for rap ballads and where it all went wrong

Big Daddy Kane was undoubtedly one of the finest MCs of his era, bringing a level of verbal dexterity only …

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No Country for Old (Rap) Men: DOOM and the art of rap re-recordings

Sometimes the original isn't always the best

For all of the press coverage that MF Doom has received over the years, I’m yet to read anything addressing …

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No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Albums that fell tragically short of their potential

Robbie reveals the biggest disappointments in his record collection

There are more than enough horrible rap albums in existence, but the ones that really sting are those that had …

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No Country for Old (Rap) Men: A quick history of rap fads

Robbie recalls rap trends that just couldn't stand the test of time

Some aspects of rap music which initially appear to be ‘flash-in-the-pan’ moments, turn out to be enduring features, such as …

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NCFOM - The chosen few2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: The chosen few—Rappers that get better with age

These rappers are like a fine wine... or XO cognac

Following the sad passing of Brooklyn rap stalwart Sean Price this past Saturday, who was part of the rare breed …

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NCFOM - Can Dr. Dre redefine the sound of rap...again2

No Country for Old (Rap) Men: Can Dr. Dre redefine the sound of rap…again?

It's been 16 years since Dr. Dre's last record, will "Compton" be worth the wait? Robbie isn't getting his hopes up

When news of a new Dr. Dre album hit last week, it’s fair to say their was a lot of …

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