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The most awkward sex education videos ever made

Re-live your embarrassing pubescent years with political incorrectness, chronic masturbation and Walt Disney

America and comprehensive sex education have never been friends. Abstinence-only has been the modus operandi of most schools since before …


Up all night to get lucky? Find out how many calories it burned with this Sex Calculator

Is getting busy between the sheets more productive than the gym?

You know that age-old question, how many calories does sex burn? For some of us, staying up all night and …


Yes, exhibitionists are putting on live sex shows with the PlayStation 4′s camera

This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

So apparently as soon as a product gets a camera added to it, people have an unstoppable need to produce …

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Watch: Cute Chick Asks Randoms To Have Sex With Her

The thirst is real.

Talk about ratchet situations. This girl has put herself in the most ratchet of them all. For a random Youtube …


Interview: Stacy Leigh [NSFW]

Forget Barbie, these dolls are where the real fun is

Doll collections are nothing new, but Stacy Leigh’s definitely flips the script on the Barbie dream house cliché. Since discovering …


Shooting from the Hip: Porn and Stuff

The Obnoxious Owl brings her penetrating insight to adult entertainment

Porn was forced upon me as child rather than me seeking it out of childish curiosity. I don’t mean that …

OO Shooting From The Hip - One Night Stands Thumb

Shooting from the Hip: One Night Only!

The Obnoxious Owl dishes out some advice to the ladies on one night stand etiquette

Gentlemen *tips hat* – I’m giving some One Night Stand advice to dem ladies dem so you can either turn …


Shooting from the Hip: Clothes Maketh The Man

The Obnoxious Owl runs through some style tips and what to put on to get her off

This week the latest Keeping up with the Kardashians episode aired. Yeah yeah, I know I shouldn’t fill my head …