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Shooting from the Hip: Some reasons why I would quite like a boyfriend

The Obnoxious Owl muses on the very useful individuals that are boyfriends

I just spent the better part of an hour building a piece of Scandinavian furniture. I finally managed to piece …

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Shooting from the Hip: Clothes Maketh The Man

The Obnoxious Owl runs through some style tips and what to put on to get her off

This week the latest Keeping up with the Kardashians episode aired. Yeah yeah, I know I shouldn’t fill my head …

OO Shooting From The Ex Factor Thumbnail

Shooting from the Hip: The Ex-Factor

Breaking up is hard to do, just ask The Obnoxious Owl

Breaking up is hard to do. In fact, it is damn near impossible. No I am not going through a …

OO-Shooting From The Hip - Truth About Threesomes Thumb

Shooting from the Hip: The Truth about Threesomes

The Obnoxious Owl provides a dose of reality to the ‘three in a bed’ concept

“One’s company. Two’s Company. Three’s a Party” – Yeah whatever mate…

The topic of threesomes came up over the weekend.  …