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I am an unashamed fan of Wes Anderson’s quirky, ambiguously dated brand of film fantasy and the promise of the newest feature The Grand Budapest Hotel in the next month (in late AF Australia, at least) has me on the edge of my overly kitsch chair. For those not already privy to the film, which was released in selected cinemas in the USA this week, The New York Times paid a visit to the production lot where the miniature sets were being kept, to give us more insight into what it takes to literally build a Wes Anderson world.

Even as a miniature model, the full façade of the fictional Grand Budapest Hotel is still pretty grand, IMO, standing at nine feet tall and 14 feet long of super-detailed, handmade awesomeness. Never one to skimp on the little things, Anderson and co have taken references from real-life locations in the Czech Republic for the hotel build, as well as other landmarks seen in the film and accompanying promotional material. Take a look at all the images in our gallery above.

Images via Fox Searchlight Pictures.