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A Decade of Long. Live. A$AP: How Rocky Paved The Way and Prospered

With 10 years of excellence under his belt, we explore how A$AP Rocky’s debut album resulted in a reinvigorated New York City, a reshaping of mainstream hip-hop, and the normalisation of creating without fear.

9 First Nations Artists to Get on Your Radar

The melting pot of talent that makes up our music scene is nothing short of special, particularly when it comes to the wide range of boundary-pushing sounds and stories being told by culture-shifting First Nations artists.

Truth, Understanding, and Immortality with Jean Dawson

On his latest album CHAOS NOW*, the multifaceted artist unleashes a three-headed beast from the underworld of his inner psyche and emotions. He talks us through the truth, understanding, and sense of immortality he’s experienced bringing it to the surface.

Introducing Always Was, Always Will Be — a Collection of Music From First Nations Artists

The ongoing playlist aims to platform storytelling that highlights the creativity of First Nations people, the power of community and the impacts of colonial violence — whilst reclaiming space and paying homage to the very first storytellers.

Weekly updates

Weekly updates