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Jordan Seiler has put his own spin on the optical illusion, he may not be Dynamo, but his artwork exhibited on a space most commonly used for advertising is to be applauded.

His interesting take on advertisement takeover is an extension of his earlier ‘Let Me Handle This’ project. As the story goes, two years ago, Seiler took over three billboards in Philly during the exhibition. He asked the ad agencies responsible for the space to allow the works to remain up for the duration of the show, threatening that if any of them were removed, he’d put two up in New York City. All three were taken down and sticking to his guns, Seiler put up six new pieces in NYC. He made the same threat to the New York ad companies so that if any of these takeovers were to be removed, two would go up in Philly, and so on. The show ended before any of these were taken down, and thus so did Seiler’s takeover of the space. The moral of the story is, don’t fuck with Jordan Seiler.

This new piece sees Seiler revisiting a phone booth which he had taken over twice before. The first time he put up his signature weave pattern, and when that got taken down, he reclaimed the space with a photo of that last takeover. What we’ve got now is a picture of that last takeover, leaving us with an inception style photo of a photo of a public ad space disruption. Nice.