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With the Breaking Bad spin off series Better Call Saul imminent, many of us are tensing up like a meth addict in rehab; fanging for our Vince Gilligan visual fix and dying to hear the whimsically grim timbre of one of Bob Odenkirk’s monologues as crooked lawyer Saul Goodman. If you’re a die hard fan of Breaking Bad, then you know that the production’s extensive world building isn’t just confined to the on-show fictional universe. That’s right, even many of the websites featured on the show have almost exact recreations available for your own perusal. From Walt Jr’s charity page to Jessie Pinkman’s mySHOUT to Saul’s very professional website, the show’s creators make context and devilish details an absolute pleasure to pour through.

Another detail they decorated the Breaking Bad mythos with was an okay-ish interactive comic book that filled in the first four seasons of details for newcomers to the show. Well, they’ve picked that idea back up for the upcoming debut of Better Call Saul (February 8, kids! Woaaahh!) and dropped Better Call Saul ~graphic novel~ Client Development and it’s fucking awesome. It’s loaded with references to its precursor series and offers a story that runs parallel with the later period of Breaking Bad’s season 2. It’s even got a Harvey Birdman-esque short story Habeas Corpus at the back just like an old school comic should. Excuse me while I print this whole thing out, purée it, cook it up on a spoon and inject it directly into my bloodstream.


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