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We’ve always been fans of the work of artist/illustrator James Jirat Patradoon. His pieces are strikingly busy, persuading the viewer to be engulfed by the work and enter a world that only exists in their imaginations — think cyber-punk anime wrapped up in post-apocalyptic goth horror and you might get a better idea of James’ all-consuming style. He’s about to open his new show, Die, And Be Forgotten, running for one night only at the Tate Gallery in Glebe, Sydney. Hear more about the show from the man himself…

My name is… James Jirat Patradoon

But I’m also known as… Patradoon James Jirat

My latest exhibition is called… Die, And Be Forgotten

And it is about… It’s not really about anything at all! It’s probably more conscious stream than anything I’ve done previously

Some things that influenced this series are… I wanted to make an exhibition with all the work I was making when I was procrastinating making other work.

An album I listened to a stack when making the works was… a playlist of mostly Drake and The Dream

The time of day I’m most likely to make art is…when everyone’s asleep, so no one talks to me or or responds to my Facebook ranting.

The hardest part of putting this show together was… juggling freelance jobs and making travel arrangements, I leave for NYC the week afterward!

First thing I do when I get up in the morning is… turn off the alarm and go back to bed.

Some other artists I have been enjoying the work of are… Uno Moralez, Toshio Saeki, Angie Wang, and Killian Eng

What I’m working on at the moment is… a motorcycle with a skull on the front of it that I can drive around, with headlights coming out of it’s eyes and batwings for the side fairings.

My favourite colour is… it used to be magenta but now it’s aqua.

If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing, I’d be… still working at Ezydvd and playing Mass Effect in the evenings!

The last website I visited was…my tumblr! satanstorm.tumblr.com

My favourite youtube vid is… this bad quality cam trailer is the only thing my friends and I have ever been able to find about the new CGI Captain Harlock movie, wtf Japan!

Tomorrow I will be… spending all day driving listening to 106.5 running around doing errands for this show :(

Die, And Be Forgotten
James Jirat Patradoon
The Tate at the Toxteth
345 Glebe Point Road GLEBE NSW
Wednesday, August 22nd from 6pm