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In the lead-up to CARBON festival 2013, we’ll be running a series of interviews with the lineup of artists appearing at the festival of contemporary design, style and culture. Returning for its third year, this inspiring mix of creative entrepreneurs and artists will gather in Melbourne over the weekend of the 13th and 14th of April for a collection of forums and creative events. Next up in the interview series is Does, the Dutch graffiti artist who’ll be presenting a solo exhibition during the festival.

Celebrated for his stunning use of colour and impressively clean style, graffiti artist Does creates artworks that burst with energy. Perfecting his craft since 1997, Does has since developed into a multi-disciplinary international artist recognised around the world for his remarkable work.

Once a professional soccer player in his home country of the Netherlands, Does lived a double life as an aspiring graffiti artist. Transferring his ingrained dedication and focus across to his new career, he rapidly carved out a reputation as a phenomenal talent in the graffiti realm. Letterform is clearly his true love. His dedication to innovation and enviable skill causes him to use letters in ways that most of us would never have envisioned. No matter the medium, his dynamic exploration of colour and shape produces explosively expressive pieces. Co-founder of the LoveLetters crew and a member of Ironlak’s Team Europe, Does even has a limited edition Ironlak spraycan named in his honour.

How did you go from being a professional soccer player to a graffiti artist?

When I signed my first contract at the age of 15, I needed an escape from the discipline so I started playing around with letters in the dark. Soon graffiti became my focus. Drawing and sketching offered me relief and distraction when I was recovering from injuries.

What is it about letterform that inspires you?

Letters offer a strong basis from which I can experiment freely and discover many different forms and shapes. While I experiment I try to stay true to the basic form. I think that is how the letterforms translate.

Define what ‘creativity’ means to you…

Non-stop new perspectives.

What’s the key to developing great technical painting and drawing skills?

Practice and dedication.

What’s the most important lesson your craft has taught you?

Hocus pocus keep in focus!

To see more of his work visit Digital Does.

See Does in the flesh at his solo show ‘Endless Perspectives’ on Friday May 5th, an official side-event of CARBON festival.  For more information on speakers and ticketing options, head over to the CARBON 2013 website.