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Earlier this month, we premiered the video for Aussie group Eastern Seaboard Electric Soul Experience (Or just ESESE if you want to save time). The clip, featuring Hancoq dropping bars as he drifts down the Yarra river, certainly wasn’t what you’d consider a stock rap video and that’s thanks to the vision of the director of photography Jarz. When he’s not dropping hot vids like this one for squad associate Baro, he’s working on off-kilter visuals that feel like an intersection between vaporwave art and the mental imagery of a lean rapper. You may have even seen some of his work on posters for the occasional Boney or Carlton event.

The 19-year-old’s art features prominent musicians and pop culture figures scattered throughout in fractured forms and recycled images that almost seem like a reference to the old-school beat sampling that his friends in the 90’sRD crew often utilise. Hopefully as they all begin to gain prominence, we’ll have the opportunity to see a Baro or ESESE vid come out with these kind of intense visuals. Until then, check out some of our choice pics in the gallery above.

Jarz is on Instagram & Facebook.

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