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Weekly updates

Interesting news I found out today, apologies if it’s common knowledge but the holy grail of nerd-fests Oz Comic-Con is coming to Australia next month, more specifically Melbourne! And the big news here is that the hugely iconic Stan Lee will be one of the guests. I’m not even a nerd and I know that’s a big fucking deal! This guy has co-created a few little characters you may have heard of including Spider-Man, the Hulk, the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Thor, as well as the president and chairman of Marvel Comics at one stage. Woah.

I gotta say I’m very partial to these events, if only for the weird motley crew of celebs they have which are from shows I never knew existed. This time around there’s a stack of people I’ve never heard of, and some I have, including Mitch Pileggi aka SKINNER FROM X-FILES and babe-braham Lincoln herself Tia Carrere of Wayne’s World fame. Hellz yes, she can still get it.

Okay just read the website and it seems the Melbourne event is the only one this year (30th June – July 1st) and Perth and Adelaide will be added to the bill next year. Anyway I’ll let you suss the website yourself, meanwhile please enjoy the Tia Carrere gallery I created above.

*** JUNE 25th update: unfortunately, as we’ve just discovered, Tia Carrere is no longer on the Oz Comic-Con bill, but it’s cool…this dude’s still coming: