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Ever wished you could buy an armless, legless, hairless friend who will talk about your feelings with you? Or maybe Siri is boring you with her lack of emotion. Well, for just $17,000, you can buy SociBot-Mini, a robot that will talk to you while wearing the face of your choice. Whether it be your friend’s, a default SociBot face, or, for the more narcissistic of us, our own face. Someone better warn Kim, once Kanye finds out he can have a collection of KanyeBots to talk to, he won’t need anyone else in his life.

Designed and created by Engineered Arts, SociBot utilises depth sensing technology to recognise your movements and facial expressions so that it can interact with you. It can also pretty accurately guess your age, decipher the difference between people, and can go Mona Lisa on your ass by following your movements with its eyes. Freaky.

It seems kind of cool at first… But I think I agree with creator Will Jackson when he says that it’s “creepy as hell.” Besides, with all this negative hype about robots from Hollywood (Did someone say I, Robot?), I don’t think I’m ready for robots. Not unless we have Will Smith to save us all, at least.


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