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Weekly updates

Death Grips have announced the official release of their acclaimed 2012 record NO LOVE DEEP WEB, a year after it unofficially came out last October.

The experimental hip-hop group from Sacramento, California saw themselves in a spat last year with their former label Epic, which led them to self-release their album online for free.

Now NO LOVE DEEP WEB will be released through Death Grips’ own new label Thirdworlds, and distributed by Caroline. This time, however, the penis-emblazoned cover (which spawned a meme) has been replaced with more low-key artwork.

Death Grips are also working on new music at the moment, with hopes for another album release next year.

NO LOVE DEEP WEB will be available on November 22 on CD, digital release and LP. The LP will have a limited release worldwide and only 150 copies in Australia, so get in fast.

Hannah Scholte