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From losing his shit to being a cat, the running joke that is Nicolas Cage seems to have no bounds. Yet one super fan may have just taken it to the next level. Bed, Bath and Beyond employee Ezra Croft has created and curated an exhibition dedicated solely to Nick Cage.

The exhibition, aptly titled “Nicolas Cage is God,” will feature artworks from 80 artists across four continents. Croft used Craigslist and Facebook to source Cage fans and haters alike to contribute. The overwhelming reaction surprised everyone, with hundreds of contributors lining up to have their Nick Cage renditions seen.

Talking about his inspiration for the show, Croft states “I started thinking, how could I host an art show and make it fun? And I just thought, why not make art about Nicolas Cage?” Inspiring.

After all, as stated on the events website, “Nicolas Cage is an enigma, of misunderstood sex appeal, raw, unfiltered power…”

The artworks range from amateur fan art to professional drawings, paintings, and digital art pieces all depicting the one and only Mr. Cage.

Croft is hopeful Cage will make an appearance at the opening in San Francisco, scheduled for the 12th April. RSVP on the Facebook page to make sure you don’t miss out.

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