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One of the world’s biggest annual street art and culture festivals, Pow Wow, is returning in February to Hawaii. For those that don’t know, the festival is renowned for producing some of the best murals and exhibitions in the world. The number and range of artists on this years bill is a little silly, but in a good way that makes you nervously giggle slightly out of jealousy. Are you ready?

The line-up includes 123Klan, Alisa Ross, Andrea Wan, Angry Woebots, Apek, AskewCarlo MareChaz BojorquezDabs Myla, Dal, David Flores, Eric Marcinizyn, Erik Otto, Faith47Flying Fortress, Hannah Stouffer, Jase, Jasper WongJeff HamadaJeff Soto, Jim Mahfood, Lisa Mam, MadsteezMark BodeMeggs, Neonski, NychosPeap TarrPhibsPoesiaRoidRone, Sam Rodriguez, Scribe, Shark Toof, Suitman, Treks, Wonderlust, Wu Yue, Yoskay Yamamoto and many more.

Along with all the arty goings-on, the festival also features The Pow Wow School of Music and Art workshops for the those wanting to get into the mix of things with their hands and ears.

For more information on the event itself, make sure you head over to the official Pow Wow Hawaii website for everything you need. Don’t forget to check out the videos from last year’s event at the end of the photo gallery above too.