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Weekly updates

Murakami is the dude. Hands down. I mean, we’re talking about a guy who painted an 8 metre wide painting and inscribed the following in the back – “vomiting uncontrollably, together with the stench of my breath my phlegm curdles. As my tongue flays to pieces, my headache intensifies, and my eyes have become blind. As shit and piss flow, an excruciating pain flows through my entire body and I sense death is near. As I cry for help, I regret my cowardly behaviour, preventing others from loving me until now; as I feel the futility of my escape, my nausea continues endlessly.I don’t even know what that means, but it seems more legit than anything I’ve ever written in my life. Also, one time he dressed up Kirsten Dunst as a kawaii lolita and had her sing The Vapors ‘Turning Japanese’ while he upskirted her on video in the name of conceptual art. King status.

I’ve kind of lost my train of thought here, but the king of contemporary art is currently showing a new body of work entitled ‘Arhat’ at LA’s Blum and Poe Gallery. If you’re on that side of the world, do yourself a favour and check it out. At the very least it’ll give you a nice anecdote to bust out the next time you’re crushing on a cute first year Fine Art student at a house party. You know the type who’s wearing a set of children’s Disney bed sheets that she’s sewn into a pleated skirt, but somehow it still looks okay?  Superflat bro, be about it.

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